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Hi There Friends,

Do you ever wonder if we are being kicked off this planet because other so called human beings want it all to themselves ?

The greed for money, power, control?

The cruelty, lack of compassion or empathy for others?

The ego driven part of society that poison and destroy any hope of human servival to satisfy their hunger for power?

Is mother nature, God, the devine source or enegy of some kind cleaning up our act for us?

Hi, I'm Donna,

I do not want to leave this world without leaving it with something to think about and this site is simply to bring inspiration and understanding to all those who wish to make an effort and improve their lives.

While at the same time enable others to play a kind and simple role in saving our home from polution and greed by only printing what we need so we can help eliminate the waste of our precious plant life that creates fresh air for all of us to breath.

I want as many people as possible to realize how truely valuable they are and that life does not have to be so painful.

We can all play a valuable part just by changing the way we think and realizing what it is in life we really need and want.

I have so much to say right now however it will all come out i am sure ha ha 

Bless you all and keep watching :-)

As I am alone at work on this site, I have no budget. The hours seem endless and i need to grow.

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