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About PDF Printables

Hi there Friends,                                                                                                                                         

I thought of creating this site for those who realize how expensive gifts can be when you are on a low income and this site is all about being able to think of someone special at a low cost,Smile

The Self Help selection will amaze you ,

These books are full of great wisdom and really helpfull teaching truth.

Help to save the enviroment by only printing what we need. No paper pile ups in your home!

Gives children a chance to buy and give a lovely gift to some one without breaking the parents bank.

It truely is the thought that really counts and who would'nt love stationery as a gift?

Yes here anyone can afford a treat for themselves or a friend so go ahead and take a look around!

Copy and paste this web address onto your facebook page and share with all your friends to enjoy!

Have fun!

All you do is:

When you get your product,

  1. purchase at low cost.
  2. You can save it onto your computer or a flash drive.
  3. Open your product to view off your computer.( usually desk top or download folder.)
  4. Click Print.
  5. Choose what pages you want printed. (Be sure to use card on the pages you need card for ie: Booklet cover or Cards.)
  6. Click Print.
  7. Place into an envelope if it is a gift or
  8. Cut out yor product to suit what you like.

Hay Presto! Pretty Neat Ahe! :-)